Edaurdo Jones

Eduardo Jones, in his own words.. “Well lets see I’m a journalist, adventurer, mad man and scourge upon decent society it self. I’m regular contributor to Beatdom Magazine. My editor had this to say about me. “Edaurdo Jones is the Voice Of The Doomed a journalist in a vein of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, born and raised in the birthplace of Jack Kerouac, and speaking horrific words against those who need to be taken down a proverbial peg. He is a precious thing: a vitriolic beast of a writer” I suppose that’s one way of putting it.”

Edaurdo on The separation of Hunter and Duke.

I believe the problem with writers emulating the good Doctor, and the separation of Duke and Thompson go hand in hand. The problem being this. Every crack pot who’s ever smoked a joint, dropped acid, drank a bottle of whiskey and been on a speed bender thinks they can write like Duke. What they fail to see is behind Duke was a very technical and well rounded writer. You can’t just be some junk box who decides one day. “I have a word processor and I take a ton of drugs so I can do it.” You can try, but as the saying goes, unfortunately real recognizes real and all that ends up happening is you look like an asshole.

There is how ever a difference between being influenced in style and flat out copying. You can see certain influences in Thompson’s work. Twain being one that rings very strongly. Like Twain, Thompson was master satirist. But do people say Hunter was trying to be like Twain? No, because he did it in his own turn of phrase. That’s what an amateur doesn’t realize. They just try and write like Hunter using all the same trademark adjectives and phrases. That was his voice. You can’t honestly expect to be taken seriously as a writer if you are using another man’s words. It just comes off like a joke and quite frankly an insult to the person your trying so hard to emulate. A writer’s words are something very sacred to them. Any serious writer knows that. Nobody wants some hack abusing their words. I’ve said styles are meant to progress. Gonzo being one. But not by trying to be Hunter or Duke. Throwing yourself into a story- surely should continue to be done. Speaking your mind absolutely. Letting the world see life through your eyes without a doubt. But make sure it’s your eyes you’re trying to let the world look through and not someone else’s. Which unfortunately too often is the case.

Copyright Edaurdo Jones.

Edaurdo also wrote a review of Wayne Ewing’s film Animals, Whores & Dialogue.

So my good friend Martin Flynn sent me over a copy of Wayne Ewing’s new release Animals, Whores, & Dialogue. I think I was supposed to have this done for Hunter’s birthday yesterday, but I was busy drinking Chivas on the shores of Portland, Maine with three beautiful women. I find due to the subject of this piece it’s only fitting to be over my deadline. I believe Hunter would have been doing the same thing on his birthday.

Wayne Ewing has created a masterpiece. This is not your typical documentary. Imagine sitting in the kitchen with an old friend. Just the two of you, a bottle of Chivas, and a handful of friends and neighbors. What would you give to just watch the good doctor do his thing? How would it feel to be part of the Owl Farm club? Wayne Ewing has bought you the ticket, so you can take the ride. I now feel as if I was and am a good friend of the family after viewing this. The film is incredibly personal. It’s beyond just the Gonzo persona. It’s the good Doctor just being Hunter and telling you how it is. Hunter shares his secret to success in life and the method behind the madness or “the formula” as he calls it.

It’s incredible to watch the excitement in Hunter’s eyes as either a friend or he himself reads aloud past works. It’s as if he was hearing them for the first time. Hearing Hunter tell the story behind the stories is just, for the lack of a better term simply amazing. I don’t think there really are any words that could capture the true Just-us factor this film has. This film is a must watch for any fan of Hunter S. Thompson. Anybody who’s ever thought or said “I wish I could have hung out with Hunter S. Thompson one time.” Well now you can thanks to Wayne Ewing. It was a high honor just to watch this film. In closing all I can say is after watching this “ I now feel as if I’m a close friend of Hunter S. Thompson and spent an evening at Owl Farm and had a few drinks with the gang.”

Review (©) Edaurdo Jones. 2010.

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